hi, i’d like to invite you on Direct Marketing Radio with Internet at Nipponhouso, Yurakucho, Tokyo in 31st, March.plz check this


d 5FtHighMktgGuy, thank you i like your unique video.i like you.


“In Japan, Tweeting for management staffs & members” – http://ping.fm/rnCaS

i think it’s popular promo. during reccession . this is 3/6-3/9AM6:00- http://ping.fm/Yk8VO

i’m so excited that StarVirgo cruise-ship have done the celemony of monthly achievers. it’s natual but lots of japanese companies forget about this for their staffs & part-time workers’ motivational activities. i think that kinds of companies’ events is so good and important. how about your company? let me know. regards,

i’m on boarding of StarVirgo cruise ship from Singapore to Thailand. i’m enjoying this cruising would you join me next time? i also welcome to you.

just arrived at furama hotel in singapore. so tired.

“Toyota’s new small car”iQ” marketing” – http://ping.fm/pOGOW

“They are very smart and cost-effective marketing & sponsorship,ex.World baseball Classic2009 in Tokyo session for their brand bulding and relationship with their consumers.” – http://ping.fm/Lt0HL

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